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BLE module in OBD application

OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics and is a computer system inside of a vehicle that tracks and regulates a car's performance, which realizes the reading of vehicle fault diagnosis and vehicle status monitoring data, so that maintenance personnel and vehicle drivers can timely understand the status of the vehicle and perform correct maintenance on the vehicle in time. In recent years, with the continuous development of computers and smart phones, computers and smart phones can do more and more things. These devices have Bluetooth devices, so the Bluetooth OBD module came into being. It is a good choice to choose a Bluetooth module for design.

Both BLE modules and Bluetooth dual-mode modules provided by Shenzhen Huayang Xinke Electronics Co., Ltd can meet the needs of OBD products. Like BLE module HY-BT401 and Bluetooth dual-mode module HY-BT102, a robust Bluetooth protocol stack is integrated, and engineers can make the design of Bluetooth products without knowing the Bluetooth protocol.

Generally, OBD products include OBD module and tablet. Our Bluetooth modules support UART interface. The main control MCU of OBD module has more UART interfaces, which can be easily connected to the UART interface of Bluetooth module. Moreover, the maximum baud rate of the UART of HY-BT102 can reach 4Mbps, which can meet the needs of large data transmission of OBD products. In software design, the Bluetooth protocol stack inside the module can be called with simple commands, which can quickly realize functions such as broadcasting and scanning of Bluetooth devices.


Following as BT dual mode module HY-BT102 features:

Bluetooth 5.0(BR/EDR and LE)

Sensitivity: -90dBm@0.1%BER


Transmit speed 60kb/s

Transmit power: Class 2

Stamp hole package

UART hardware interface

Support serial port upgrade

Support I²C hardware interface

Bluetooth profile support: SPP, HID, GATT, ATT, GAP

Power consumption in working mode (VDD_3V3 at 3.3V)

BLE connection: 17.9mA

Can be found: 18.5mA

Low power consumption: 100uA 
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