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BLE beacon in smart parking solution

Bluetooth parking lot management system mainly solves the problems of difficult parking and finding a car for users.

HYXKIOT's smart parking management solution based on Beacon technology, applying for parking space recognition and mobile Internet to parking lots, which not only realizes quick guidance for drivers to park, but also solves the problem of finding a car for drivers and improves the utilization and turnover rate of parking spaces. The system supports card-free car search, and can easily perform reverse car search to improve the user experience of car owners. It is widely used in business districts, commercial complexes, parks/office buildings, etc.

HYXKIOT intelligent parking management solution, through the advanced Beacon positioning technology, realizes the timely and accurate stop of parking spaces, the owner quickly finds empty parking spaces, accurate parking, and simply and efficiently manages the accurate charging of parking spaces by auxiliary property companies, intelligent management, simplified operations, and overall savings At the same time, it can improve the satisfaction of parking owners, ease the pressure of urban parking, and help the city's smart construction.



What is the principle of Bluetooth beacon positioning?

In the area installed BLE beacons, BLE periodically broadcasts iBeacon signal. After the mobile phone receives the signal, the local algorithm generates the eigenvalue of the location of the mobile phone according to the strength of the signal, and generates the location information of the terminal according to the eigenvalue. The eigenvalues of the Bluetooth signals received by the users of the mobile terminal at different locations are different, and the eigenvalues generated by the comparison system are compared with the received eigenvalues to determine the location of the user.

What functions can a smart parking system based on bluetooth beacons achieve?

1.       Car location marking

The license plate is automatically marked by the parking space video detector; if there is no parking space video detector, manual marking is supported to achieve the marked parking position

2.       Bluetooth beacon

The Bluetooth beacon is set at a known point in the parking lot, connected to the management server, and used to calculate and receive the RSSI value of the Bluetooth terminal device;

3.       Region Manager

Distributed in multiple locations in the parking lot, it is used to integrate parking space occupancy, parking vehicle information, and upload the integrated parking space occupancy to the management server;

4.       Bluetooth terminal device (smartphone)

Communication and connection with the management server, used to obtain the RSSI value sent by the Bluetooth beacon, upload the RSSI value to the management server, and perform Bluetooth terminal device positioning and car-finding navigation

5.       Location server

It is used to send control commands to the area manager and the Bluetooth beacon, locate the Bluetooth terminal device according to the RSSI value received by the Bluetooth terminal device, and send the optimal parking space or the optimal car-searching navigation route to the Bluetooth terminal device; The optimal path for parking is calculated according to the situation and the location of the Bluetooth terminal device, and the optimal path for car search is calculated according to the information of the vehicle to be found and the location of the Bluetooth terminal device

6.       Find a car with one click

The user clicks on the APP interface to find a car or the parking space query terminal enters the license plate number, and the system automatically plans the path from the current positioning position to the parking of the car for the user to quickly retrieve the car.

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