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BLE Technology in Bike Share System

Sharing bicycles are a very common in our life, and the features of wide coverage and strong convenience are deeply loved by people. However, after a large number of sharing bicycles are put into social use, the problem of parking regulation management has always been a difficulty in urban management.

Currently, Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon has been at the forefront of customer induction. At present, most of the Apple and Android devices on the market support the Beacon function, whether it is iBeacon or Eddystone, as long as you have a mobile phone or a safe computer, you can use Beacon.

In the field of shared bicycles, Beacon technology can bring the distance between users and bicycles closer.

For example, in the field of shared bicycles, each bicycle can be used as a beacon, in order to influence users to use bicycles in time. When the user chooses the mode of transportation in addition to the subway station or on the street, the bicycles "lurking" around the user have already pushed relevant information to the user through the beacon, telling you where there are bicycles nearby.

Generally, there is a bluetooth chip or module inside the lock of a shared bicycle that can receive and send signals, and the Bluetooth road stud beacon on the road can also receive and send signals. If the two Bluetooth devices are connected and matched with each other, the bicycle can be locked.

Bluetooth Road stud beacon HY-KTB809 based on Nordic nRF52810,it is a waterproof, dustproof and anti-rolling bluetooth beacon Beacon product. With the help of the BLE low energy bluetooth broadcast protocol, it can broadcast UUID, Major, Minor, RSSI, battery level, bluetooth name, MAC address and other information, in which UUID, Major, Minor, Bluetooth name, etc. can be set through the mobile phone APP, powered by an ER14250 battery, and the battery life can be up to 5 years. HY-KTB809’s shell adopts a gentle slope design, which can reduce the injury caused by pedestrians accidentally stepping on and kicking. In terms of installation layout, road studs are laid along the outer edge of the sidewalk, avoiding the high-frequency traffic area in the middle of the road to facilitate the parking of bikes. IP68 waterproof and dustproof, 5-ton pressure-resistant casing, supports outdoor deployment on the ground, and can be used in IoT scenarios that require location services, such as shared bicycle ground parking management, smart parking and parking lot monitoring, to meet indoor requirements. Information push in harsh environments, electronic fence and Bluetooth positioning applications.

The electronic fence technology based on bluetooth road studs uses the bluetooth module signal transmission coverage technology in the bluetooth road studs to delineate an invisible fence to realize the monitoring of shared bicycles, so as to determine whether the bicycles are parked in the prohibited parking area or demarcated parking area.

The main features of Bluetooth road stud beacon HY-KTB809 as follows:





Case material












Installation method

Floor or hanging

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth 4.2

TX power

-40~+4dB,(default 0dB)

Broadcast interval

100ms~10s,(default 1s)

Transmission range

Floor 30 meters, hanging 80 meters

Battery life

8 years(0dBm/1s)

Operation system

IOS7.0+, Android 4.3 +

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