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BK3266 Module F-6988 in Smart Fountain Speaker Application

It is not easy to bathe the baby, because the baby is afraid of water, and is always reluctant to stay in the bathtub, take a good bath, always get water everywhere in the bathroom, and finally end in the baby's crying. Are there any fun and interesting smart products that can attract the baby's attention, so that they can be bathed in the water with peace of mind?

A Bluetooth speaker that sprays water should be a good choice.

Above picture is a Chinese brand bluetooth fountain speaker,it based on our BK3266 module F-6988,transmitdistance is up to 13 meters. While transmitting over long distances, it also provides us with high-fidelity sound quality, and also makes the sound quality clearer and louder, allowing you to ensure high-definition music listening even in a noisy environment.

The features as follows:

1. Bluetooth 5.2,TWS play music,don’t support call function

2. 5 water columns, each water column is illuminated by a high-bright RGB light, and the water column spray level jumps according to the music output amplitude

3.  Mobile APP can control:

a.  Music playback, pause, previous song and next song, volume up and down;

b.  Water column beating enable and toggle beating mode

c.   RGB light switch enable and display mode

Core technology/innovation point:

1. Bluetooth chip controls connected devices, music playback, water column switch and mode conversion of RGB lights

2. 2 speakers are connected to play music through TWS technology, which is more three-dimensional

3. Control the water column beating pattern via algorithmically

4. Control the blinking mode of the RGB lights via algorithmically

5. Develop mobile APP through BLE, SPP to control the function of bluetooth speaker

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