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How to Select Bluetooth Module for Wireless Project

Release date:2022-9-22 6:29:16

The Bluetooth module is specially designed for the wireless data transmission of the Internet of Things. BLE Bluetooth module has been widely used in the Bluetooth devices of the Internet of Things due to its ultra-low power consumption, fast connection, and easy interaction.

 bluetooth wireless prohect

1. Classification of Bluetooth modules

What types of Bluetooth modules are there? According to the general use, it can be simply divided into 3 categories:


Voice, audio SOC Bluetooth module:generally used for speakers, headset audio products

Voice and data composite SOC:can transmit voice, audio, data at the same time

Simple data transmission SOC:generally used to transmit close-range, small data transmission (some people call it transparent Bluetooth module, BLE Bluetooth module, low-power Bluetooth module, etc.)

HYXKIOT has different Bluetooth module, include the QCC5125 Bluetooth audio module HY-BT301C, it supports audio and data transmission. The Bluetooth Low Energy module HY-BT401, it is economical BLE module for wireless data transmission solution.


2. What are the characteristics of the low-power Bluetooth module?

7 Features of Bluetooth Low Energy Modules

Latency:Bluetooth Low Energy supports connection setup and data transfer within 3 milliseconds. Thus, in short bursts, an application can establish a connection and transmit authenticated data in milliseconds, and then quickly disconnect.

Frequency hopping:Bluetooth Low Energy uses adaptive frequency hopping technology common to Bluetooth technology to minimize interference from other technologies in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. The efficient multipath advantage increases link budget and effective operating range while also optimizing power consumption.

Distance:The increase in modulation index enables the maximum distance of Bluetooth Low Energy to reach more than 100 meters.

Data transfer:Bluetooth Low Energy supports extremely small data packets (8 octets to 27 octets) at 1Mbps. All connections use an advanced low-power listening mode, resulting in ultra-low duty cycles and minimal power consumption.

Strong network security:Use CCM's complete AES-128 encryption technology to provide strong data packet encryption and verification to ensure communication security.

Stability:Bluetooth Low Energy uses a strong 24-bit CRC on all packets to guarantee the best immunity to interference.

Topology:BLE uses a 32-bit access address on every packet from a slave device, allowing billions of devices to be connected. This technique is optimized for one-to-one connections, and will use a star topology for one-to-many connections.


3. How to choose a Bluetooth module?

The first thing to consider is power consumption (power consumption is mainly determined by transmission rate and distance);

The second is the transmission rate;

Third, consider the transmission distance;

The fourth is the choice of interface (the interfaces on the Bluetooth module are divided into USB interface, digital IO port, serial interface, analog IO port, SPI programming and voice interface, etc.); HYXKIOT has developed a variety of Bluetooth modules, which can meet all the above interfaces.

Five is the working mode

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