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Bluetooth Module in Electric Power Tool Application

Release date:2022-8-31 6:44:50

Electric power equipment with Bluetooth function is endowed with a new digital soul. The equipment can communicate through Bluetooth and smartphone APP, receive and transmit data such as commands, electric parameter requirements, sensors, etc., even at home/office/worksite/ In the outdoor environment, it has become an intelligent assistant that understands the user's usage habits. It is interconnected and breaks the traditional shackles.

Bluetooth module in Electric power tool

In the field of power tools, such as Bosch, Milwaukee, etc., have embedded Bluetooth modules into ordinary power tools, thus making power tools enter a new stage of development. After purchasing a power tool with a Bluetooth module, users can connect with the power tool by downloading the mobile APP. Different from ordinary power tools, after connection, users can not only check the usage of the power tool, but also adjust the parameters of the tool, such as changing the gear and adjusting the speed, so as to achieve the purpose of improving work efficiency.

HYXKIOT's Bluetooth module solution HY-40R204P helps power tools to be intelligent. Based on Texas Instruments Bluetooth 5.0 chip, it has excellent power consumption control and superior stability. The Bluetooth module solution has certifications such as Bluetooth SIG, US FCC, EU CE, Japan MIC, etc.; supports IOS 7.0, Android 4.3 and above systems; supports wireless firmware upgrade, updates firmware at any time, supports key functions, sharing, and backup.

Both HY-40R201 series and HY-40R204 series Bluetooth modules have programmable ARM-Cortex-M3 processor (80KB of available application code space) and rich hardware interfaces, which can be used by customers for secondary development and embedded in complete applications, HYXKIOT also provide related development kits.

HY-40R201 and HY-40R204 two series, in terms of hardware, the former provides more I/O ports, the latter is smaller, the module provides PCB antenna, metal wire antenna, ceramic antenna and IPEX terminal antenna multiple antenna options In terms of software, it provides two modes of slave/host, and multi-link and single-link versions. The new design makes the speed of the Bluetooth module up to 12K/s, and provides mature supporting Android and iOS SDKs, escort the compatibility between the module and the mobile phone connection. It is worth mentioning that the two series of BLE modules are based on TI CC2640R2F chip, with built-in Bluetooth 4.2 BLE protocol, and the hardware already supports Bluetooth 5 technology.

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